A parents worst nightmare is losing a child, but now, there is help to stop these tragic incidents from occurring.

Cradle Kalamazoo is a multi-agency group that is led by the -YMCA of Kalamazoo. Their mission is to help families gete in touch with needed health services and resources in order to reduce infant mortality.

Mlive.com reported that Grace Lubwana (CEO of YWCA Kalamazoo) said...

"Based on the needs of the community, we know that pregnant women of color and low-income women are falling through the crack. 888-KIDS can help close this gap,"

How Does It Work?

When someone calls the hotline, they will be connected to a family support specialist at Gryphon Place. From there the specialist will get them in touch with resources they need and Cradle Kalamazoo. The wonderful thing about Cradle Kalamazoo is that the group can offer support inside the home as well as outside the home.

What Groups Are Involved With This Project?

A number of amazing agencies have gotten together to provide our community with hotline to connect families with health services and resources they may need.


Mlive.com had a startling fact...

"In Kalamazoo County, 14 African American babies per 1,000 do not make it to their first birthday, which is triple the infant mortality rate among white babies. Kalamazoo County has the fourth-highest rate in Michigan's counties."

That static shakes me to the core and hats off to these amazing groups willing to reach out and help our familes.

Never hesitate to call if you need them, 269-888-KIDS!


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