The Colon Magi have the chance to do something which hasn't been done in 30 years. Bring home a Class D State Championship Title. The last time Colon achieved this, it was their baseball team who won the 1989 State Championship. The 2019 football team, however, was recently in dire straights. They needed at least $11,000 to be able to make the trip to the State Finals in Marquette, MI on November 23rd. It was going to cost them a little over $11,000 to make the trip and provide the kids with a great experience. The Colon Quarterback Club put out a fundraiser.

Amazingly with the help of over 250 people, they crushed their goal and increased it to $15,000. This would help to lower the cost of the fan bus for the students who want to go. Right now the cost is $100.00 for a student to ride the bus. I even did my part to be a part of the contribution. As of Monday morning, they have surpassed the $15,000 goal mark, as funds continue to pour in for the team. It looks like the Magi will have the opportunity to make history and bring a state title home to Southwest Michigan. Good luck Magi.

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