Two Prince podcasts meet in the middle and talk about the Purple yoda this week on My Prince Story.

Christy hosts the podcast "The Mountains and The Sea" with her husband Josh.  This podcast is more than just a music review podcast according to their stitcher page,

Josh and Christy explore the highs and the lows - the mountains and the sea, if you will - of every Prince album. Each album will get two or more episodes, as needed. The first will focus on the album tracks with a brief discussion of each song and our selections for the mountain, the sea, and the time capsule - the song that most represents the era of recording. The second and other subsequent episodes will feature information about and commentary on ancillary materials: B sides, music videos, fashion, concert videos, proteges, interesting stories and personal anecdotes from our hosts.

Christy joined Dana Marshall this week on the My Prince Story Podcast to talk about how she fell in love with Prince.  It just so happened that she was falling in love with a guy named Josh, who was a HUGE fan of Prince.

Listen to their conversation by clicking here or by searching "My Prince Story" anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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