I've been on the hunt for ugly Christmas sweaters lately to don while I'm home celebrating the holiday with my family. Luckily Amazon has the crucial hookup on basically anything and everything you can think of. Whether its trendy, funny, or ugly, I think I already found the perfect ugly sweaters that will make the final cut. Take a look and see if this fits the mold of your holiday.

This one absolutely made the list considering it's tradition for our family to bicker and argue during a time of relaxation.

Of course you can't have one without the other. This is the one I would most likely be wearing, as it perfectly expresses my feelings towards holiday arguing.

I beg your pardon but since we're on the topic of cats, take all my friggin' money.

Alright, we're getting pretty close to finding a winner. This one is just awesome.

And we have a winner. Carlton and Christmas together= Perfection.

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