We play it, you open your doors, turn it up and sing along. We're all in this together for another round of the Kalamazoo at Home Community Jam on Thursday night.It was an idea that started in the Westnedge Hill neighborhood and it is growing. The KZoo Jam & Sing Facebook group tells us,


"We are all in the midst of a very difficult time, but we are in this together. Let’s hang out from our windows, our porches, our lawns, or wherever you are sheltering in place. We will be singing and cranking up our speakers once a week. Let’s put a smile on each other's faces, display some love to our neighbors, and continue being Kzoo Strong. Please join and share. We are in this together. 🔊"

So, let's get together this Thursday night at 7 and belt it out as we go from "Don't Stop Believing" to "Can't Stop the Feeling." We know everybody knows Journey, but if you need a cheat sheet for JT, read on as Lyrics.com gives us the first verse and chorus:

I got this feelin' inside my bones
It goes electric, wavy when I turn it on
All through my city, all through my home
We're flyin' up, no ceilin', when we in our zone
I got that sunshine in my pocket
Got that good soul in my feet
I feel that hot blood in my body when it drops (ooh)
I can't take my eyes up off it, movin' so phenomenally
Room on lock, the way we rock it, so don't stop
And under the lights when everything goes
Nowhere to hide when I'm gettin' you close
When we move, well, you already know
So just imagine, just imagine, just imagine
Nothin' I can see but you when you dance, dance, dance
Feel a good, good creepin' up on you
So just dance, dance, dance, come on
All those things I shouldn't do
But you dance, dance, dance
And ain't nobody leavin' soon, so keep dancin'
I can't stop the feelin'
So just dance, dance, dance
I can't stop the feelin'
So just dance, dance, dance, come on

Get our app and sing it loud and proud tonight. Send us your cell phone video too- we just might play it on the radio. Stay strong, Kalamazoo, you can't stop the feeling.

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