Kalamazoo's craziest candy store has just made the holiday's a little stranger

While doing some Christmas shopping and lunch in downtown Kalamazoo with friends, we stumbled upon some unique candy cane flavors at Rocket Fizz! My first discovery was Kale...yuck, Kale chips, yea maybe but sweet sugary candy....um no!

Theresa Bunch/TSM

I think the Candy Cane that bogged me out the most was clam flavored Christmas treats. I just can't even bring myself to try these treats...could you?

Theresa Bunch/TSM

Here is a diffident maybe...Mac and Cheese Candy Canes. Not sure how the creaminess of the famous Kraft treat will come through but this one may be worth a try

Theresa Bunch/TSM

Finally, I found a Candy Cane that is right up my alley! No judgement please...Pickle! I love pickles, anything dill is a-okay in my book!

Rocket Fizz has proved once again that they have something for everyone...regardless of ones personal preference!

So if you are searching for some unique candy to stuff stocking with, Rocket Fizz is a place you should check out!