If the world is bringing you down you may need to take it out on some breakable items in West Michigan.

There is a place called Break Room Therapy in Grand Rapids that offers that service.  We've all been pinned up in our houses for months during the pandemic.  Ladies, if you're sick of your partner sitting at home making dumb dad jokes and watching documentaries; don't take it out on him.  Put on your protective gear and break stuff.

You get to choose what kind of stuff you want to break.  I would choose something with lots of glass.  Better yet, electronics.  Then you grab yourself a sledge hammer, crow bar or even a cricket bat and let the stress relief begin.  Here's a list of things you can break according to their website,

Printers, TVs, dishes, glasses, mugs, computer monitors and so many other items. And to assist you in your smashing we have baseball bats, crowbars, golf clubs and so much more!

I'm yet to check this place out, so I am unable to give you a first hand account.  However, I think we could all use some therapy about now.

They originally opened their doors in June of 2019 only to temporarily close during the pandemic.  However, they have now re-opened by appointment only.  No walk-ins are allowed as of June 3rd, 2020 due to state guidelines on preventing spread of Covid-19.

Get a good look on what you can expect at Break Room Therapy in the video below.

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