Looking for an incredible night under the stars with exotic animals? Here it is!

Binder Park Zoo is hosting Sunset on Savanna at the end of the month and if you are looking for a romantic night or get-a-way, this is it!

Binderparkzoo.org gives a little insight into the spectacular night that is in store for anyone who attends ...

The ultimate night out includes several hours of exclusive use of the zoo for you and your sweetheart. Stroll the grounds at your own pace before making your way to the International Depot to travel by tram to Wild Africa! The mood is set as giraffe, zebra and antelope greet you just as the sun slowly sinks behind the savanna.

Alisha W. reported on Yelp.com...

Wild Africa is by far the best place in the zoo, so be sure you spend most of your time there. The zebras, giraffes, and antelopes run free together in a wide open space.

David C. voiced his opinion of Binder Park Zoo on Yelp.com...

This is the premier small zoo I know of in the entire country.  Great Staff and creative environment make this place a great place to go. Their events are some of the best in the area!

Sunset on the Savanna happens on August 31st, here are a few details...

  • Cost: $100 couple admission
  • $60 single admission
  • $500 African Overnight Tent
  • Must be 21 or older with valid ID

Now there is an extended adventure that you can take advantage of! Binder Park Zoo is offering this rare opportunity...

For a premium, a limited number of guests can extend the experience with an overnight stay with amenities in their own Tented Camp! Awaken in the morning to coffee and breakfast while you watch the animals descend upon the savanna.

This would be a dream date, or maybe I should just go on my own and enjoy a lovely evening on my own!

Check Out How Lovely Binder Park Zoo Is...


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