If you're a Packers fan, don't even think about it. The pro football season's been tough for the two most popular teams in these parts. The Lions are staring at an 0-4 start unless they can pull off a miracle tonight, and well, the Bears are "rebuilding".

(Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Still, on a Sunday, you forget about how bad things are and as the game gets going, you're competitive fan juices start flowing and it's on, b....

So, we gathered at West 64, in our corner we call "The Bear Den" and "helped" the Monsters of the Midway to victory. And as we left, I said to no one, but enough to be heard by anyone, "at least the Bears can't break the Lions' record (of 0-16)."

Now, I don't say this to start anything, but just to point out just how bad these two teams are right now; where we find our joy in winning a single game. And that may be the only victory of the season, the the Lions and Bears have to games head to head. It's on.