What do Simon Cowell, Hedi Klum, Mel B, Howie  Mandel, and Kalamazoo have in common?


We here on the West side of the State are used to seeing the 'Big Banana Car' cruising around, but can you imagine what people in LA thought?

Recently hosts of America's Got Talent, had the chance to eat bananas while enjoying a ride in our city's prize!

According to Tom Brown on Facebook...

"We got an e-mail today confirming the Big Banana Car will be on Americas Got Talent on June 27th. Now keep in mind we are cautiously optimistic ."

Once the photo of the cast of America's Got Talent cast riding in the 'Big Banana Car' was posted on Facebook comments started rolling in!

Dawn S. commented..."I've seen it two different times while driving in Kalamazoo. It was not appealing but still a joy to watch."

Cathy B. wrote... "How exciting!"

According to car creator the idea of the 'Big Banana Car' was pretty simple, he said...

"What sort of car would the most ridiculous man in the world drive" he asked himself one day "I know, a banana car" he answered.

What a wonderfully ridiculous idea, that has now gone coast to coast!

Can't wait to see the 'Big Banana Car' on prime time TV, and of course on the roads of West Michigan.

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