When I say I love roundabouts, I know I am in the minority. I also know it’s a touchy subject for Kalamazoo locals especially, as the city is home to one of the most infamous roundabouts in the state. When comparing roundabouts to traditional traffic intersections experts use terms like “safer” and “simpler” but most drivers think roundabouts are super confusing! I simply think they’re misunderstood.

The City of Allegan is set to vote on a resolution regarding the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of M-89 and M-40 on February 14 and Allegan residents do not seem too thrilled with this news! In a recent Facebook post, Allegan residents were asked whether they were in favor or against a new roundabout being put in at the busy intersection. Though a few residents came to the defense of roundabouts, most chimed in with a resounding NO.

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Here’s what Allegan residents are saying:

Maria Cross

“They do help with the flow, but some Michigan drivers are so inexperienced with them it would suck for quite awhile. I don't like them at all, but the back up can be pretty bad there so I get it.”

Colleen Johnson

“Totally against it!!!!! There is too much traffic at that intersection for that. The other problem is at fair time what a mess that would be!!!!”

Greg Woodard

“Against. There doesn't even appear to be enough room to have one put in”

As an Allegan resident myself, I would love to see a roundabout put in at that intersection. It's no secret that the City of Allegan has been seriously exploring the roundabout idea for several years. However, councilmembers believe their biggest obstacle will be educating the public on how to properly use them.

The beauty of the roundabout is two-fold: First, you only have to look in one direction for on-coming traffic. Second, you’re not required to come to a complete stop before entering the traffic circle if no one else is coming. Yes, did you know that’s what ‘YIELD’ means? Because I don’t know if enough Michigan drivers do!

What are your thoughts on the possibility of seeing more roundabouts pop up in West Michigan?

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