Isn't it enough that we have to completely disinfect everywhere we are?  Now we're finding out that the Coronavirus can attach itself to more than just our skin.  There were early reports that the virus could, could travel 13 feet in the air, live on our clothing for up to 3 hours and, since this is our first encounter with the disease, we're finding out more and more what we need to look out for.

In a report from in San Francisco, the CDC now says that the Coronavirus can be found on our shoes and literally be carriers of the disease.  Apparently researchers tested ICU staff at a hospital in Wuhan, China and half of the staff's shoe soles tested positive for COVID-19.  If you find yourself with some extra quarantine time and you want to drill down on this, click HERE for the report that was published by a team at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences.

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