On Christmas Eve Aldi is sharing food with those in need.

Aldi first announced their very generous offer to all local nonprofits and charitable organizations via social media and now the word has spread. On the holiday's eve, Aldi stores will shut their doors at 4 pm. Then the company will donate all the fresh food they have left to hometown charities.

The Good News Network, quoted a statement released from Aldi....

Aldi is offering local organizations the opportunity to receive surplus food from their stores on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. As Aldi stores will shut at 4pm on Christmas Eve until December 27, they will have a variety of good quality surplus food products that they will wish to redistribute in support of less fortunate individuals and to prevent food going to waste.

Aldi has 10,000 stores in 18 countries, so a large amount of food is available to charities who can come collect the products. Aldi can't guarantee how much fresh food will be available from each store, but anything can help.

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