Marcellus, Michigan is a small village with just over 1,000 residents that sits between Lawton and Jones on M-40.

Here are 5 Things Everyone From Marcellus Knows!

#1.  The VFW

The Huey Helicopter, the tank, the war museum & monuments are a must see at the VFW.

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#2.  The Wild Patch

The Wild Patch is an awesome place to go for ice cream.  Check out this 5-star yelp review from Cori B,

What a quaint ice cream shop in a SMALL town. Its a local favorite and since its right next to the local school, you should expect to see students dining here after practice. I grew up here and have been there many times. The malts and the cheese fries are my favorite.

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  #3.  Wienerpalooza

Marcellus is home of Wienerpalooza, an annual event that celebrates dachshunds on Labor Day Weekend.

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  #4.  Melville's Bar

I've heard some pretty insane stories about the shenanigans that took place at Melville's back in the day.  We'll leave it at that to protect the guilty.  However, what used to be Melville's is now The rock at Big Fish Lake.  I hear the pizza is delicious.

I survived #therock

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#5.  Anderson Cemetery

According to,

Anderson Cemetery has a legend that explains a glowing headstone. So the story goes, a man came to the Morris family home and shot the whole family and the maid, then stole a horse. The family was buried here, and on the anniversary of the murder, the headstone is said to glow.

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