Our next stop in our small Michigan town series has a population of about 5,000 and is known for killer concerts at the fairgrounds.  Of course I'm talking about Allegan.

We asked you via Facebook one question, "What's your favorite thing about Allegan, MI?"  Here are your answers in the form of "5 Things Everyone From Allegan Knows."

#5. Triponds Family Campgrounds

Lesa Ruddock Hecht mentioned camping at Triponds.  Allegan is the perfect mix of woods and water for an awesome camping experience.

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#4. Corky’s Drive-In

Peggy Veld-Brown told us that Corky's Drive-In is one of her favorite Allegan spots.

Lesley G had this to say in her 5-star review on TripAdvisor,

Corky's is a great little place! They have great burgers (especially the olive burger), tater tots, broasted chicken, and root beer. It's not fancy, but that's part of its charm! You can eat in your car, or sit at their picnic benches (very nice and clean), or get your food to go. The service is quick and friendly, and the food is always tasty. A true gem in Allegan.

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#3. Village Inn

Glen Loubsky commented on Facebook that Village Inn is one of his favorites.

On Google Reviews Riley Doman had this to say in his 5-star review,

Great food and service. The staff is always very helpful with us, especially since we usually have two people with walkers. They are always patient with us, and helpful. Food has always been excellent, and served quickly. The pie is amazing!

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#2. Allegan County Fair

Many of you mentioned the Allegan County Fair.  Sometimes they have hairbands like Bret Michaels and Firehouse and other years they have Alabama and Alabama...(they really like Alabama.) What was your favorite Allegan County Fair concert?

TSM: Dana Marshall


#1. Mugshots Coffeehouse

Brandi Lisa and many, many others said their favorite thing about Allegan is Mugshots Coffeehouse!

Jo S had this to say in his 5-star Yelp review,

It's so great to have this delightful coffeehouse in such a little town! Beautiful setting, friendly staff, tasty food, great coffee; coffee is easily the best around.

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Did we miss your favorite thing about Allegan, MI?  Let us know in the facebook comments.


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