How will celebrate this national day?

You may think that National Paranormal Day would be celebrated in the month of October but not so. According to May 3rd is National Paranormal Day.

 Each year on this day all people who believe in paranormal activities are encouraged to get together and share their experiences with each other. Paranormal is a term used to describe occurrences that can’t be explained by ordinary scientific measures.  They are outside the norm.

So if you want to know where you can see a ghost, spirit or experience something paranormal, here are the places in Kalamazoo you can head too.

Henderson Castle

This Kalamazoo landmark has experienced numerous paranormal encounters, but the most interesting is reported by an employee. According to

 One employee claims that two of his fellow employees had experiences with a young boy in red overalls. The boy is allegedly seen in a mirror playing peek-a-boo from underneath a bed in the Victorian room.

Would you stay in that room, do you dare....

Heritage Guitar

This Kalamazoo staple was built in 1800's and soon became the home of the Gibson Guitar Corporation. A repair man named Jack French who worked for the company for 55 years told that he has seen ghosts in the establishment...

Jack French believes their friendly ghost is Lloyd Loar, who worked for Gibson as a designer in the 1900’s and supposedly had an office on the third floor of the now Heritage Guitar building. While most workers have had some kind of experience with their friendly ghost, whether it be voices or footsteps, French came face to face with the spirit when he was on the third floor doing inventory. “I heard something and I just turned and there was an old man standing there looking at me,” said French.


The Civic Theatre

There was never a reported death at the Civic Theatre, that was built in 1931. Yet there is an interesting ghost story that has circulated for years. Janet Gover informed that...

In the 1980s, Gover was alone, working sound production for a show when she saw an image of a person on a monitor fed from a camera fixed on the stage. She had no prior knowledge of Mertz’ spirit living in the Civic and upon telling fellow volunteers and employees, their response was “Oh, that’s Thelma.”

But Janet is not the only one telling the tale of hauntings...

Mike Artis, production stage manager, has had his own experiences as well, hearing the sounds of things crashing only to find them in their place and even seeing a white mist inside the theatre.


The Kalamazoo State Theatre

Built in 1927, this famous theater has hosted everything from ballets to rock concerts, but they host more then shows. According to

Witnesses at the theater have reported strange happenings such as things mysteriously being moved, footsteps, toilets and sinks bubbling on their own at times, and being tapped on the shoulder by an unseen presence. A statue located above the stage is said to change positions periodically and members of the Kalamazoo Michigan Paranormal Investigators have visited the theater and recorded a girl singing, circus sounds, a woman talking, among some other eerie things. They even reported that the video camera was violently knocked out of their hands, but were still able to record a ghostly voice saying, "Tom." Tom is the theater manager who has worked here for nearly two decades.


Hawks Head Cemetery

It's not a surprise that a cemetery would be haunted, but this one has someone fairly notorious "resting" there (only I don't think she is resting). According to

This cemetery is allegedly the spot where Flora, Al Capone's mistress, is buried. Her ghost has been spotted wearing a white gauzy dress and chimes are said to herald her appearance. Also seen at this cemetery is a dim red light near the middle driveway.

Now that you know where the ghost seem to hang out, have you had a meeting with any of them? I am just glad that clowns are not involved with any of these places...yet...

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