Michigan State University has the 9th largest student population in the country, so many students over the years have attended it's no wonder why the campus is haunted.

MSU started with 3 buildings and 5 staff members in 1855 as an agricultural college. State has won Rose bowls, won 2 NCAA Championships and haunted.

If you have ever been on State's campus you have seen the lovely Beaumont Tower. According to onthebanks.msu.com...

 "It is said that unless you have experienced a kiss in the shadow of the tower, you are not a true Spartan."

Now here is where the cuteness, turns to creepy. There is a ghost of student from the past that was killed in WWII that haunts the tower. Legend claims he is searching for his lost college love, and many students have claimed to hear the bell towers ringing by themselves.

Who doesn't love hearing a child's laughter...unless there is not a child around,  only the ghost of one.

It has been reported, that a young boy has been spotted looking out of the third floor windows of the Auditorium as well as wondering through the seats. Visitors have reported hearing a ball bouncing, a child's giggle, whispers, and footsteps through the halls.

Here is a little history on this ghost that haunts the building baring her namesake...

"Mary Mayo was a well-known woman in Michigan during the turn of the twentieth century. She had grown up on a farm near Battle Creek, but after marrying a celebrated Civil War veteran (Perry Mayo), she became active in organizations like the Grange (also known as the Patrons of Husbandry). In a time when very few women even spoke in public, Mary Mayo was giving lectures about the importance of higher education for women. She urged Michigan Agricultural College to develop a specific women’s course"

With her encouragement, Michigan State started to admit woman into the school and named the first dorm for females after her.

Today a portrait of this ground breaking woman hangs on the first floor of the building, and it is said that her eyes follow you throughout the room. Rumors also say that her spirit walks the hall of the building, and a woman's figure has been seen near the piano in the West lounge as the instrument plays all by itself.

As if this Hall isn't disturbing enough with the presence of Mary, years ago on the 4th floor (known as the "Red Room"), a young woman hung herself. The floor is closed off, but oddly enough unexplained lights, and figures in the windows can be seen.

The east area of the MSU Museum is said to haunted. Before the site was a Museum it was Dorm, that in 1876 burnt to the ground. By the grace of the heavens no students were killed or injured, but they have not forgotten what happened there. It is said that in the early morning hours or in the evening students or should I the ghosts of former students, are seen searching for their room and the belonging they lost in the fire.

 Beal Botanical Garden

The website cpa.msu.edu states...

"Although Beal Botanical Garden is an outdoor laboratory for students, the general public is warmly invited to make use of the garden to learn about and enjoy plants in a beautiful setting. The garden is open at all times throughout the year without an admission charge."

But at this this beautiful  garden ghostly figures can be seen in the Old Horticulture Garden at all hours. The stories claim that the ghost is man dressed in 1920's or 1930's fashions. Screams have also been reported coming from this area.

Urban Legends

Murder at Holden Hall

There is an Urban Legend sweetly called "Halloween Massacre". Back in 1998 rumors started flying that caused many students to return home to Mom and Dad for the weekend. onthebanks.msu.edu reports that...

"Supposedly a student dressed as Little Bo Peep would be killing students. A call into a talk show from a psychic predicting this event happening at a big ten school is supposedly what prompted the rumor."

To this day tragedy hasn't stuck, but there is always next year!

Death In The Tunnels

Tunnels run under the campus and students have refereed to them as "Dungeons" but really they are "Steam Tunnels". According to onthebanks.msu.edu in the 1960's students would go "tunneling" , essentially going into the tunnels and exploring. Campus police eventually, locked the tunnels off, but it didn't keep the students out.

It was widely rumored that in August of 1979 a student who would play the game "Dungeons and Dragons" in the tunnels was so upset about the death of his charter that he went to the tunnels and attempted suicide . That was not true, James Dallas Egbert suffered from depression and went on the lamb to New Orleans. It was a year later that he committed suicide, and for the record it was not in the MSU tunnels.

Below is a video of the tunnels, hats off to the kids who had enough guts to go down there to play!

BONUS VIDEO - Fly Over an Abandoned Fun Park near Kalamazoo

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