The Western Michigan University Board of Trustees voted to raise tuition $450 for the coming school year, an increase of 3.91%. Graduate student increases will be even higher. The school says "beginning with the fall 2017 semester, a Michigan resident enrolled full time as a freshman or sophomore will pay $11,943 in tuition and required fees. The state asked that tuition increases this year be no more than 3.8 percent or $475, whichever is greater."

The board's approval of the proposed rates and other recommended changes will mean all main-campus instructional levels will see new rates, including these:

            • Full-time upper level--junior and senior--resident undergraduate students' annual cost for tuition and required fees beginning this fall will be $13,097.

            • Tuition rates for resident graduate students will increase by 7.5 percent to $596.25 per credit hour, putting those costs into alignment with Michigan's other research universities.

            • Nonresident graduate tuition rates will increase by 2.5 percent to $1,204.17 per credit hour.

            • The differential tuition rates assessed by some colleges will increase by 3.91 percent.

            • Resident undergraduates and nonresident undergraduates will see per-credit-hour tuition rates increase by 10 percent for those credit hours outside the flat-rate, 12-15 credit tuition corridor.


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