The Western Michigan Board of Trustees approved on Tuesday a series of name changes intended to make navigating around the campus a little easier and less confusing.

One of the changes will be renaming "West" campus to "Main" campus. Photo: Dave Benson

The first major change involves recognizing the University's major physical presence in Kalamazoo as Main Campus for everything west of Stadium Drive, and East Campus for property east of Stadium Drive. In addition, the campus Ring Road, which includes several stretches of named roadways that are remnants of a time when they were city streets., will now be known North Ring Road and South Ring Road. Four named streets around Lawson Ice Arena will be incorporated into a new, single Lawson Drive. The four names--Crane, Hussey, Roell and Warner--were selected in 1975 to honor faculty members. Those names will instead become the names of individual intramural fields to preserve the recognition intended for the four who were members of the Women's Physical Education Department.

The changes recommended to the board grew out of an effort to simplify and make getting around campus more intuitive. Among the changes will be new signage.