Over 11 million vehicles worldwide are involved in the scandal.

The U.S. Justice has opened a criminal probe into Volkswagen’s rigging of vehicle emissions tests.  The company admitted that for years it equipped some of its turbo diesel vehicles with software that reduced toxic emissions and kept them within legal levels… only while the car was being tested.

A half-million VW and Audi-branded vehicles may have the bogus software. The company could face up to $18 billion in penalties from the Environmental Protection Agency.  VW is the world’s biggest automaker, and it cost more than 18 % of its value in the stock market yesterday.

All of the vehicles involved have four-cylinder turbo diesel engines, and include both VW and Audi models made between 2009 and 2015. The cars have not yet been recalled, although VW has ordered its dealers not to sell 2015 models still on their lots.

Photo By: Alexander Hassenstein /Getty Images
Photo By: Alexander Hassenstein /Getty Images

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