This guy won half a million dollars on his way to visit his mother.  Wow.

Let's be honest.  Very few of us visit our mother enough.  I'm pretty sure we would be hangin' at mom's place more if $500,000 sweetened the pot.

A 46-year-old man was on his way to see mom when a life changing event happened according to,

I was going to visit my mother and stopped to get gas on the way," said the 46-year-old winner. "I don't buy Lottery tickets often, but the 24 Karat Gold ticket caught my eye, so I decided to give it a try.

I scratched the ticket when I got to my car and saw I'd matched the number above the $500,000 amount. I didn't believe it, so I took it back in to scan it and that's when I knew it was real. I couldn't believe it!

He told the Michigan Lottery that he plans to put the money toward a new car, vacationing throughout Michigan and a retirement fund.

Wait a minute...what about mom?  Buy your mom something nice man.

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