There are some surprising foods that your vegetarian friends are eating that DO have meat in them...

Here are some weird foods that aren't vegetarian friendly:

  • Photo By:Anna Kucherova/ThinkStock
    Photo By:Anna Kucherova/ThinkStock


    According to The Daily Mail, unless they're organic, bananas are covered in pesticides (that prevent them from ripening too quickly) made from shrimp and crab shells.

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    Photo By: Pool/Getty Images


    They use fish bladder to filter the yeast out, but, it's such a small amount, they don't have to include it in the ingredients. Gina Keatley, a New York based dietitian says, "fish bladder is used to filter the yeast in some brands, with the thicker British brands being more prone to using tropical fish bladders to filter."  She suggests sticking to the big American brands like Budweiser and Coors, which are both vegetarian and vegan friendly.

  • Photo By: Mark Herreid/ ThinkStock
    Photo By: Mark Herreid/ ThinkStock

    Orange Juice

    Orange Juice with Omega-3; the Omega-3 comes from fish oil. “Also the vitamin D added is derived from lanolin, which comes from sheep wool, but this differs from brand to brand,” says Keatley.

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    Photo By: Lilyana Vynogradova/ ThinkStock


    Marshmallows are made with gelatin, which is made with animal by-products. "The collagen-rich mixture gives the sweet its firm and bouncy texture," according to The Daily Mail.

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    Photo By: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


    Better read the labels carefully! Like marshmallows,  "These, especially the non-fat versions such as Muller Light, contain gelatine to add a creamier, richer texture," The Daily Mail reported.

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    Photo By: Neilson Barnard/ Getty Images


    Some kinds of bagels have an enzyme in the dough made from bird feathers. "Many processed bagels and bread products contain the enzyme L. Cysteine, a 'dough conditioner' sourced from duck and chicken feathers," according to

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    Photo By: Rafa Samano/ Getty Images


    I love peanuts, and I'm not a vegetarian, but this fact makes me never want to eat peanuts again. "Some brands use gelatin as an additive to help salt and other spices adhere to the peanuts. Gelatin is derived from the collagen in cow or pig bones, hooves, and connective tissues."

    Grossed out? Try this "eat this, not that" tip: Buy peanuts in the shell. Here’s the added bonus of cracking your own: a study published in the journal Appetite found that eating shelled nuts can result in a 22% calorie saving, according to

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    Photo By: Hulton Archive/ Getty Images

    Refried Beans

    Beans can be a great source of protein for our veggie friends, especially when coupled with whole grains (hello, complete protein)! However, most traditional Mexican restaurants have a beefy secret: Their refried beans are made with lard (pork fat).

    "Eat this, not that" tip: Ask before ordering. Taco Bell’s beans are safe, but there’s beef gelatin in their sour cream and chipotle sauce, says

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