Of course marriage is wonderful, but every so often your spouse shocks you with what they say.

Years ago when I was married, I had the great idea to take down a wall in our house. I could not locate the sledgehammer so I called my husband. After posing the question and explaining what I wanted to do, he informed me that the wall I wanted to destroy was a load bearing wall.

After sharing that experience we wanted to know, what things do you never want to hear your spouse say. The responses are great!

Things You Never Want To Hear Your Spouse Say...

Heather McGregor from WKFR - "Hey Babe, where's the sledgehammer?"

Tess Taylor from WKFR - "Make me a sandwich!"

Edward from Battle Creek - "We should take dance lessons."

Monica from Kalamazoo - "Guess What I did?"

Mike from Galesburg -"I'm late."

Kevin from Paw Paw - "Are you done yet?"

Sue from Richland - "I'm not mad."

Karen from Battle Creek - "We need to talk"

Jacob from Kalamazoo - "You do not want to go in there."


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