The court states that is not a marriage if you don't have a license 

A Michigan court has stated that even though a ceremony occurs in a church, it is not a marriage unless a license has been issued.

The Detroit Free Press reported that this ruling comes after Oakland County Judge Lisa Gorcyca cut off a woman's financial support in 2017.

What had happened was that Karen Lueck was divorced in 2014 and was awarded $120,000 alimony per year for 10 years. The only stipulation is that she does not remarry in that 10 year span. Karen did not technically remarry but she did have a celebration in a Church

A pastor at First Congregational Church of Traverse City performed a Christian marriage ceremony for Karen Lueck and her partner, Matthew Bassett. They exchanged vows and rings — but didn't seek a marriage license.

So it looks like Karen will continue to receive the alimony, but the down side is that she is not married to the one she loves.