Are you at risk every day you drive to work? These are the crossroads where the most crashes happen in Kalamazoo.

If you spend any amount of time on the road, you know people today just can't drive. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, weaving in and out of traffic and driving at excessive speed. Never mind the fact that you have to watch for potholes and nobody is watching the road. It can seem dangerous just to get across town anywhere in Kalamazoo, but these are the 7 most dangerous intersections you should be aware of:

1. I-94 and Sprinkle Road

Take cars exiting the highway at 70+ mph, add a traffic circle or two and you get trouble. Fifty-four incidents were reported in 2018.

2. Drake and W KL Ave

Students, shawarma, vinyl and fuel all come together to make this the 2nd most dangerous intersection with 48 reported crashes in 2018.

3. Drake Road and Stadium Drive

If you thought the last one was bad... Surprisingly, two fewer crashes than the W KL and Drake intersection.

4-tie. W. Main and Drake

You know this is one of the busiest retail corridors in the area. Forty-three crashes logged in 2018.

4-tie. US 131 and Stadium Drive

More roundabouts. These are safer in terms of reducing the speed of impact, but 43 collisions happened here.

6. Howard St. and Stadium Drive

Another dangerous crossroads on the West side with 42 crashes reported in 2018.

7. Gull Rd. and Sprinkle Rd.

This is right by the radio stations, be careful when you come in to pick up your prizes., a website offering the services of attorneys specializing in serious auto accidents crunched the data and have complete listings for the entire state of Michigan here.

h/t WGRD

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