The sky opened up and lovely flakes fell, but soon it will not be so pretty.

Believe it or not seeing snow in October is an oddity for the lower part of Michigan, but not so much for the UP. According to

"The season's first snow in the Midwest typically occurs in October along the northern tier of states, from northern Michigan to the western Dakotas. "

Now, we are not Northern Michigan, we got snow in Southwest Michigan in October so what can this mean?

According to we can look forward too...

"Northern Lower Michigan could have 1" to 3" of total snow from this weekend into midweek next week. Like the U.P., the highest snowfall amounts will occur in the higher elevations."

But don't freak out too much because we can expect a warm up by November 4th...I suppose, the question becomes, what do you think "warm" is.

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