Seeing a skeleton enjoying a beer downtown was a head turner.

Went to lunch in Downtown Kalamazoo and was surprised to see a Skeleton, enjoying their time in our fair city. It took me a moment to realize what was going on, then it hit me, Halloween in Kalamazoo!

Mlive has reported all the cool details of what is happening in our sweet town.

The Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership is hosting the first ever Downtown Kalamazoo SkeleTour.

"The Trolley of Terror", sponsored by the City of Kalamazoo Parks and Recreation Department, will run its traditional route throughout downtown connecting visitors to businesses and skeleton displays in the area. The trolley runs every Saturday in October from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

But that is not all that is planned down town for this Halloween season! On Saturday, Oct. 26, the Trolley of Terror will even take families from Bronson Park to the City of Kalamazoo’s Safe Halloween event at Milham Park.

Season Ticker commented on MliveSaw these downtown yesterday. It was like the old Christmas windows displays on State St after Thanksgiving. Really, really fun for children and their 'rents. My hat's off to the downtown team.

Sponsors of skeletons include

  • Adrianne’s Boutique
  • Bronson Corporate Communications
  • Byce and Associates
  • Clock N Lock
  • Discover! Kalamazoo
  • Down Dog Yoga Center
  • El Concilio,
  • Epic Center
  • Gazelle Sports
  • Green Top
  • Jaqua Realtors
  • Kalamazoo Candle Company Marketplace
  • Metro, Michigan News Agency
  • Old Burdick’s
  • Olde Peninsula
  • PlazaCorp
  • Rocket Fizz
  • Teel Jewelers
  • TowerPinkster
  • Treystar
  • V&A Bootery
Heather McGregor/TSM
Heather McGregor/TSM

Kalamazoo has really done a beautiful job bringing out the Fall season for every family member!

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