Amazing Sand Art in South Haven, Michigan
Sometimes a video comes along that leaves you speechless, and this video of two Kalamazoo women carving a Phoenix in to the sands of South Haven is truly spectacular and awe inspiring. Thankfully, a vacationing family from St. Louis with a drone happened upon them and was able to capture the entiret…
Grand Haven to Charge for Parking at City Beach Lot
Those trekking to Grand Haven City Beach this summer may want to plan on paying for parking.
The Grand Haven Tribune reports that officials have put a plan in motion to charge for parking at the 61-space City Beach lot on "peak beach days".
So Pale On The Beach!
It burns, the sun burns. I am chilling at the beach with Kaysie and Tess. Markin Glen Park! Wow I forgot how easily I burn. I'll be complaining about this in the morning.