Matthew McConaughey almost got shut down during his marriage proposal on today's Tessertainment News

Marriage Hoax

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Shia LaBeouf may be able to add a fake wedding to his long list of publicity stunts. He went to Vegas on Monday and "married" his girlfriend Mia Goth with an Elvis impersonator. Well, apparently there's no marriage license. Clark County, Nevada wrote on their Twitter, quote, "Our records show no marriage license for Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth. A commitment ceremony was performed #Vegas." A commitment ceremony is common at Las Vegas chapels. They have all the aspects of a wedding minus filing any documentation with the government. So maybe they wanted to get married, without all of the paperwork?

She said...nothing

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When Matthew McConaughey proposed to Camila Alves, she didn't accept right away. In an interview with Esquire Magazine, he said, quote, "The first words out of her mouth were not yes. I'm not gonna say what it was. But I did say, 'Look, I'm down on a knee. I'll stay here awhile. I will outlast you.' And I did! She conceded."

Top-Earning Dead Celebrities

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Michael Jackson is still #1 on Forbes' annual list of 'The Top-Earning Dead Celebrities.' He made about $825 million over the past 12 months. "Peanuts" creator Charles Schulz is second with $48 million. Arnold Palmer, $40 million. Dead since...three weeks ago. Obviously, he made almost all of this money while he was still alive. Elvis Presley, has made $27 million in the past twelve months. Dead since 1977. And to round out the top 5, Prince...he made $25 million. Dead since April of this year.