I only wanted to see you underneath the Purple Hair. But seriously folks, I'm Purple for a reason.  Wanna know why?

It's no secret that I am a HUGE Prince fan.  I've seen Prince in concert 7 times, collected all of his music and many of his insturments.  In fact, I have even created what could be considered a Prince shrine in my basement that I've named "The Party."  You've got to click here and check out those pics!

We lost Prince on April 21st, 2016.  I've made the pilgrimage to Minneapolis twice since that day.  Yesterday I decided to color my hair purple from March 21st to April 21st as tribute to the Purple Yoda.  So, called my a friend of mine that has awesome purple hair, Julia, and she colored it for me!

I might actually keep the purple hair a couple days longer than planned.  I'm going to see the Revolution (Prince's band from the early to mid 80's) on April 23rd in Chicago!



Bonus Video:  Saying Goodbye to Prince in Minneapolis 

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