We recently covered a terrible story that occurred in I-94 near Detroit, as a trailer attached to a semi carrying dozens of cows tipped over and was stuck there for hours. The accident occurred on the exit ramp towards I-75 and as a result of the accident, many of the cows were injured. Unfortunately later that day, police made the announcement that the injured cows would have to be euthanized. In reaction to this incident, PETA has announced that they'll be putting up a billboard near the crash site to commemorate the cows, proclaiming, “See the Individual. Go Vegan." 

In a release made on their website, PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman details her feelings towards the event in hopes that it will somehow change the way we live:

Witnesses saw these cows lie on the roadside in pain and terror for over 10 hours before they were finally shot in the head. PETA’s ad encourages anyone disturbed by the thought of these animals’ prolonged, horrific deaths—or by the thought of their sisters’ fate under the slaughterhouse knife—to go vegan.

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PETA notes that were at least 89 crashes last year and there have been at least 12 crashes so far this year involving trucks carrying animals used for food. All over social media people are flocking to comment sections to show their sympathy for the injured animals by mocking PETA and posting pictures of them cooking meat or dead deer they shot. While some argue the story is one sided, claiming the financial hardships the farmer sustained that owned the cows isn't being covered, activists are claiming the only victims are the cows.

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