My Purple Pilgrimage to Paisley Park studios was everything I dreamed it would be.

It was full of love, emotion and mystery.  They have a very strict "no camera" policy inside Paisley Park.  Not a big surprise.  But don't worry, surprises lurk around every other corner.  Scroll through some of my exterior pictures of Paisley Park below.

From the second you walk in the front door your breath is taken away.  The main lobby wallpapered in blue skies and fluffy clouds to the left and Prince murals to the right.  The blue skies with fluffy clouds are no doubt a flashback to the Raspberry Beret video.

After purchasing our purple Paisley Park thumb drive we were guided into a large open area that has a couple purple couches and a small model of Paisley Park.  Inside the Paisley Park model is a purple urn with some of Prince's ashes.

I don't want to giveaway the entire tour.  The surprise of what lurks around each corner is part of the beauty of the tour.  However, I do suggest getting the VIP tickets instead of general admission.  This will bring you through special editing bays and recording studios you would not otherwise see.  Click here for Paisley Park tour info.

Our tour guide was not only very informative but also very sensitive to how emotional the tour was for many of us.

The tour ended in the NPG Music Club.  That is where our tour guide hugged Suzannah and I, then told us we could stay in the NPG Music Club as long as we wanted.

After that was the merch tent!  That was CRAZY!!!!  Check out the videos below.


When we first arrived at Paisley Park I started Facebook live and behind me Prince's sister Tyka was just leaving.


I spoke with other Prince Fam on Facebook Live while we stood in line together to purchase some purple merch.


Below is a Periscope video I recorded right after the tour.

Dana Periscope Minnesota
TSM: Dana Marshall


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Do you have any questions about the Paisley Park?  I might be able to answer them.  Comment on our Facebook Page.

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