He's already played Michigan State, but that was in Minnesota. After a game Saturday evening in Iowa City, P.J. Fleck brings his new team, the Golden Gophers to Ann Arbor.Even writing this piece, I feel like we're the jilted ex and we're emotionally stalking the new team.

Middle Tennessee v Minnesota
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But here's where things are at. Fleck's Minnesota squad is 4-3 so far this season, but 1-3 in the conference that can't count, the Big 10.

But it is like a broken relationship. Fleck leaves here for a much higher profile job, and he even gets his own mini-series on ESPN and BTN. But the bigger question is this. Any number of teams have a great season or two, but still the Big Ten is pretty much the usual suspects. Ohio State and Penn State are normally in the hunt, and Michigan State and Wisconsin are pretty reliable. U of M, is doing ok with Jim Harbaugh, but the expectation on him are much higher than anyone than Urban Meyer. Michigan fans expect two things in this order: Beat Ohio State, and play for the national title.. But beating Ohio State is more important.

Which brings us back to Fleck. He's very ambitious, and a very good coach. But one or two good seasons is just the start. Can he make Minnesota a perennial powerhouse? Or, will he jump again, at say some school like Southern Cal, or Notre Dame, or Nick Saban isn't that young. What happens if Fleck is successful, and Alabama comes calling? Well, then Minnesota finds out just how we all feel now.


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