The amazing educational services from this company have become a necessity during the pandemic.

Previous to the pandemic there were many other important reasons that students in West Michigan needed online schooling.  I had a conversation with Bob Kubiak, the Director of the West Michigan Virtual Academy recently.  He explained that some students were single parents that benefited from the very flexible schedule that WMVA offers.  There were also students that worked full-time day jobs to help support their families.  Regardless of the reason, having the ability to do class work online from home or the class room was invaluable to many students before the Covid-19 pandemic.  You can only imagine how important it is now.

Kubiak also talked to us about their proven track record as they are celebrating 10 years of educating middle school and high school students in West Michigan with one of the lowest teacher/student ratios in Michigan.  Listen to the full interview below.

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