Wow, that headline was no frigging joke, and apparently neither was a Michigan man living in Troy who was arrested yesterday after he tried to light an apartment on fire. On top of all that, the man was found by police at the time of his arrest, armed with an AR-15, completely naked and bloody. Now the 31 year old Alexander James Raymond has been charged with third degree home invasion, fifth degree arson and three counts of restrictions and obstruction a police officer, according to MLive.

Raymond's Bond was set at $100,000 and police say their discovery of Raymond came after responding to an active fire alarm within the apartment complex. Police say when they got there he was screaming and covered in blood with a towel wrapped around one of his hands. Apparently he had cut his hand prior to the police showing up, but once they did, he began to get physical and charged at the officers which led to him getting tasered.

There doesn't seem to be a motive as to why Raymond broke into a random home and placed items on the stove to burn it down, but luckily the family wasn't home at the time of his break in. He was arraigned Sunday at Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital and will be held at the Oakland County Jail.

This just goes to show you that you can be anything in life, but not everything is super great. The next time you want to go all "Florida" in Michigan, remember it's gonna come back to getcha'.

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