Free sled libraries are popping up all over the Northern states.  West Michigan now has a couple.

We're seeing fun become a major priority in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and now West Michigan with pop sled libraries as seen in the videos at the bottom of this article.  Last week the Banana Dog Store posted about the free sled library on facebook,

People can do AMAZING things no matter how small...for the community! Spread generosity! Thank you to our B-Dog friend Lynette for bringing her sledding library to our attention!

How does a "Little Free Sled Library" work?  Great question.  Maybe you've seen the adorable Little Free Libraries (books) pop up in the past.  It runs on the honor system.  Take a book, then put it back when you're finished reading it.  Same rules apply here.  Simply take a sled then return it when finished.  That has proven to be very helpful since sleds seem to be sold out almost everywhere in Southwest Michigan lately.  In fact, people are trying to find new and creative objects in Kalamazoo to use as sleds.  Get that full story by clicking here.

This specific Muskegon little free sled library is located on 3157 Dune Street.  Following the baseball movie theme, "if you build it they will come."  Lynnette Marks built the sled crate then a few generous neighbors stepped up according to Mlive,

Beachwood-Bluffton resident Lynnette Marks built the crate... and neighbors quickly responded to stock the library with free sleds. Marks says it makes sledding accessible for anyone visiting the park or walking by.

Now...enjoy a few videos of kids filled with joy sledding.

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