If you don't like the weather in Michigan, wait 5 minutes and it will change.

Thrillist.com came up with a list of the US states with the worst weather and Michigan can in at number 2. The only state with weather that is less tolerable then Michigan was Minnesota...what?!? When I think of Minnesota, I think of wind, rain and snow. How can our state be just a step away from the worst state in the country? Well, this is what they say...

 Winter in Michigan begins well before Thanksgiving and stretches far past Easter, which makes for four-to-six wearisome months of always-gray, always-cold, always-drizzly, but-rarely-snowy-in-a-good-way misery. Some other states may see colder temps or more snow, but Michigan winters are unrivaled for their utter lack of sunshine. The ceaseless cloud cover begins in October, and envelopes the state in a daily sense of gloom that only worsens when the apathetic sun slouches below the horizon at quarter-to-five.

The last statement is not wrong, I am just glad that we are seeing day-light till a tad later now that we have entered February!

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