This year we celebrate 25 years since an all time classic film, A League Of Their Own hit theaters. The film, which chronicles the All American Girls Baseball League during WWII was spearheaded by a strong female cast featuring Michigan native Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell,Gena Davis as well as Tom Hanks.

This Wednesday the Michigan based film theater will be showing the film in Royal Oak at 7 P.M. The night is dedicated to women in the film industry and to celebrate their success. Back when the film was released, Lead Actress Gena Davis told the L.A. Times that she would gladly call the film feminist:

 Feminist means believing in equal rights and opportunities, and this is about women playing baseball. So it’s about women can play, too.

Emagine Theater's website posted that :

Mara Reinstein, renowned movie critic and resident film buff, will be holding a live discussion before the film regarding it’s importance for women in film.

You can purchase tickets here. Remember... there's no crying in baseball.


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