Bret Michaels joined The Morning Mayhem to talk about his upcoming show at the Allegan County Fair.  Find out what Bret did to turn Dana Marshall into a little fan girl.

Friday September 9th, Bret Michaels will hit the stage at the Allegan County Fair.  He called the Morning May to talk about everything from his live show to his incredible deal with and his charity organization The Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation.

Check out the entire interview below.

After the interview, Bret Michaels called my cell to thank me for my support.  We talked for another 10 minutes about my fiance' Suzannah and how we would meet in person soon.  This guy is a class act.  I was a big fan before I spoke with him.  Then, Bret really "kicked it up a notch."


Heather McGregor has also had an amazing experience with Bret Michaels.  Get that story below.

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