The Lions at Binder Park Zoo are probably winning far more than the Detroit Lions.  Let's compare the two.  

So, who's having a better season:  The Detroit Lions or the Binder Park Zoo Lions?  The info about African Lions or "Binder Park Zoo Lions" below is provided by Binder Park Zoo.

Average Captive Lions Lifespan of Lion: 13 years

Average Lifespan of a Detroit Lions Head Coach: 3 years

Winner: Binder Park Zoo Lions

Binder Park Zoo Lions start to roar around 1 year old

Detroit Lions start to roar around the 4th quarter

Winner: Binder Park Zoo Lions

African Lion Prides are fission-fusion societies, where members come and go and are rarely all together at once.  However, they stay together as a family at the Binder Park Zoo.

Detroit Lions trade one of their best players for the possibility of a good play next year.

Winner: Binder Park Zoo Lions

Binder Park Zoo Lions: A predatory carnivore, feeding on almost any animal from rodents to rhinos, but the bulk of their prey consists of medium- to large-sized ungulates, including antelope, zebras, and wildebeests.
Detroit Lions: Have been eaten alive by Jets, Gold Diggers, Cowboys, Seahawks, Vikings and Bears.  Panthers, Rams and Cardinals will likely have them for a Sunday Brunch in the next few weeks.

Winner: Binder Park Zoo Lions


The Detroit Lions front office decided to slam on the breaks just as the team was getting real momentum.  A couple mid-season trades that made the entire league shake their heads has sealed a losing season.  As the Chicago Bears tried to hand over the game Sunday, the Lions please, you take this win.  Here we are at 3-6.


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