If you get the business logo tattooed on you, you get what they've got free for life; name the Kalamazoo business you are getting permanently engraved on your skin.

The Battle Creek Bombers baseball team is offering a pair of free tickets for life to the first dozen fans who get Bombers tattoos for an upcoming special event. That got us thinking, what Kalamazoo business earns a permanent logo on your body in return for free products or services for life?

Some ideas:

  • Bell's beer
  • K-Wings hockey
  • Room & board at Henderson Castle
  • Erbelli's pizza
  • WMU Broncos- a free education plus admission to all sporting events and theater
  • A new knee/hip from Stryker
  • Lifetime hospital care from Borgess or Bronson
  • Pfizer's Viagra

You can choose only one, and remember, you have to get the logo prominently tattooed on your person. (It doesn't hurt...much.) Cast your vote or write in your favorite below.


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