It's bold of anyone to try and have any kind of contest online after the "Boaty McBoatface" incident in England years ago. You'd think we, human beings, would have learned our lesson by now.

But ALAS, we have not, and right now, there is an online contest to vote for the next "I Voted" sticker in Michigan... and most of them are from School kids.

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Earlier this summer, a submission form was opened for children to submit a design for the next "I Voted" sticker in Michigan, and then in July, the general public gets to pick which sticker they like the best.

Well, there were a LOT of submissions - some of them good, some gave it a good effort, and maybe even some gave it little to no effort. Nonetheless, we have a TREASURE TROVE of sticker designs to pick from, and if the internet does what it does the best, Michigan... it's possible you could be wearing a big ole fish on your shirts after voting in the Fall.

The designs are mostly from Middle School and high school kids, but it seems there are some adults who might have submitted designs as well. And sure, wearing a traditional "I Voted" sticker with the state's silhouette on it in American colors seems fine, but... why not a giant trout with "I Voted" on its side?


Or, what about one with our Lord and Lions Savior, Jared Goff tossing the football? And there is NO WAY you could go wrong with a White Tail Deer, sporting a Michigan ballcap and Pit Viper sunglasses, surrounded by "I Voted" draped in American Flag colors, right?

The submissions are incredible, and just like in November, if you don't vote, you can't complain about the outcome, so I HIGHLY encourage you to look through the submissions, and vote for YOUR favorite design, before you vote in the fall. Think of it as a trial run.

There are plenty of other designs, too, and you can vote for your three favorites now, through July 31st on the website.

Top 10 Submissions for the 2024 Michigan 'I Voted' Sticker

A contest is currently open for voting to pick the next "I Voted" sticker design, and there are some incredible designs, like these 10 below.

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