Michigan's weather has been all kinds of crazy the past couple of years. Smashed between Record Highs, Record Lows, and abnormally low (and high) amounts of snow and rain across the state, it's really tough to plan what the weather could be like for Michigan this Spring and summer.

Thankfully, there's professionals for that, and unfortunately, most of them are saying the same thing for Michigan this summer... it's gonna be hot.

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Long-term forecasts have predicted that this could be not only an abnormally hot summer for Michigan, but could be a record-setter. After nearly 2 years of an El Niño event altering the weather patterns of the U.S., now, comes La Niña, which dramatically shifts things in another direction.

For other parts of the country that saw massive amounts of rainfall, it likely means drought. For places that saw strangely mild temperatures, it means another scorcher.

As for Michigan, specifically, according to a recent forecast for the state, Summer 2024 could not only be a hot one, but MAYBE one of the "hottest on record." This forecast is also in line with Farmer's Almanac, which claimed this summer would be "hotter than normal."


What Was Michigan's Hottest Summer on Record?

To give some context to what's being said by weather officials, so far, Michigan's hottest summer on record was in 1936, and it was a heat wave that killed many people across the entire country.

The period from July 8 to July 14, specifically, wreaked havoc on the state's infrastructure. Before that week, the National Weather Service had only ever recorded 7 days of 100 degrees or higher in Detroit.

That week, every single day was over 100, with peaks of 104 degrees, the second highest ever recorded temperature in Detroit history.

Things were even hotter in Saginaw, which saw highs climb from 104, to 111 by the end of the week, the hottest ever recorded. And that same year, Mio set the state record with a high of 112 degrees, and it still stands to this day.

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