Most states have pretty stringent laws that protect against drunk driving. Most offer short jail time, fines, and revocation of licenses with just one infraction. The problem is, these are purely reactionary consequences to the deed already being done.

In the 1980s, Indiana had a different approach, and thought maybe, if they got ahead of people binge drinking, they could lower the amount of drunk driving. As a result, laws were passed to BAN Happy Hour events across the state, which was WILDLY unpopular. Well, after nearly 40 years of getting used to full price drinks all day, the state has officially changed it up, and will allow afternoon drink specials once again.

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Indiana House Bill 1086 was officially approved with bipartisanship support and sent to the governor's desk to sign last week, and effectively allows restaurants and bars to sell alcoholic beverages at a reduce price for portions of the day.

The law, while put in place for good intentions in 1985, was taking atoll on tourism and the restaurant industry in the state. The passage of this bill, lawmakers hope, will attract more people to eat and drink more outside the home.

Indiana Happy Hour

Now, there are some rules attached to the bill. Restaurants can't go any longer than 4 hours in one day, or 15 total hours in a week.

Currently, bars and restaurants CAN offer discounted drinks, but must do it all day. However, the purpose of a Happy Hour, in most cases, is to attract people to their establishment during slower hours. Better to make a few bucks than nothing at all, right?

So starting July 1st, let the good times roll in Indiana again, as Happy Hour is officially back... JUST in time for Independence Day!

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