A dog without a care in the world has won over Reddit.

A South Florida woman shared a photo of her 2-year-old pup, Bucky, that his doggy daycare sent to her. The photo, much like the dog in it, has left the internet smiling from ear to ear.

"I gave my dog anxiety meds before dropping him off at day camp. This is the photo they sent me," Reddit user Caitlin Westerfield captioned the viral photo of Bucky, which shows the dog "grinning" happily with a glazed-over look in its eyes.

See below:

attachment-viral reddit dog photo
u/salty_c_witch via Reddit

Reddit users commented on the adorable photo, with many tickled by Bucky's chill demeanor.

"Hip tilted out. One front paw tucked under. Goofy face. Yep, that's one relaxed dog," one person wrote, causing the owner to respond, "To be honest, he has a goofy lil [sic] face even without being high as a kite."

"I’ll have what he’s having! Lol," another commented.

"Just vibing in the sun. Aspirational really," someone else shared.

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Speaking to Newsweek, Westerfield explained she dropped her dog off for doggy daycare orientation as she is preparing for an upcoming vacation, during which Bucky will be boarded.

"This was to familiarize him with the environment before I have to leave him there for a longer period of time. He gets along well with other dogs, but he is on the smaller side, so he does get overwhelmed at times," Westerfield shared, noting Bucky is a bit "timid" and it takes him some time to get used to new surroundings.

"His main triggers are car rides and loud noises, like thunderstorms, fireworks and vacuum cleaners. My partner and I have worked hard to try and counter condition him to be okay when he's exposed to those triggers, but I cannot get anything to work for car rides except for medication. He won't even take treats in the car when he's scared," she continued.

To calm him down for orientation, Westerfield decided to give her four-legged friend some trazodone, which, according to the FDA, is a medication commonly prescribed for dogs with behavioral issues, anxiety and certain medical conditions.

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"I normally give it to him an hour or so before exposure to a scary event. I try not to give it unless I absolutely have to. The day I took him to camp, I wasn't planning on giving it to him, but he was so anxious from the 5-minute car ride that he was trembling like a little fuzzy rocket about to shoot into space, and he showed no signs of calming down," Westerfield recalled.

Later that day, the doggy daycare sent Westerfield a photo of Bucky cheesing and chilling in the sunshine.

"I probably laughed for a solid minute. I was not expecting that at all; I'm glad I gave him a half-dose. He looked incredibly ridiculous, just lounging in the sun without a single thought behind those squinty little eyes," Westerfield told Newsweek.

"I knew I wanted to keep sharing it so everyone could have a good chuckle amidst the negativity that can sometimes be prevalent online. It seems like it worked, because I got a large number of messages from people saying they couldn't stop laughing at his 'stoned' expression," she added.

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