Avelo Airlines made waves in the state of Michigan a few years ago when they announced that they would be moving into some of the smaller markets to deliver round-trip, non-stop flights to Florida. With Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and many other Florida cities being popular vacation spots this was widely accepted, especially in markets like Kalamazoo and Lansing.

Over the winter break and Christmas Holidays, Avelo Airlines found themselves in the headlines as they canceled their airline travel over the winter holidays including both Christmas and New Year's Eve. Many people swore off Avelo Airlines and figured they wouldn't be around for too much longer if they were going to be unreliable for those here in Michigan. They were somewhat right as Avelo Airlines is going to be pausing services again, this time for quite a few months.

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Avelo Airlines sent its last flight from Kalamazoo to Florida on Monday, April 8th but Kalamazoo wasn't the only market affected. Many of their Midwest markets, including their services out of Lansing were discontinued as well. There is no reason stated as to why they will be pausing their services in these markets for the time being but they do plan on returning.

Avelo Airlines plans on leaving their equipment within the hangars at several of these airports across the Midwest markets as they plan on returning. Avelo Airlines is targeting the month of November to return from their hiatus and markets like Kalamazoo, Lansing, and others are ready to accept them with open arms.

The only non-stop flights from these markets now are flights to larger airports in nearby cities such as Chicago or Detroit. Moving forward it seems as if Avelo Airlines will be looking to fly seasonally from some of these markets in the Midwest.

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