The weather outside is certainly frightful, how much do you tip for a hot meal delivered?  A friend of mine posted this statement on social media...Any one who orders pizza or sandwiches for delivery because it's too dangerous for them to drive and go out for food.....that's a d#%* move.

He is not wrong, if you don't want to head out in this freezing weather, why would anyone else?!? This is the reply that blow me away...

Theresa Bunch  stated...My son was delivering pizza yesterday. One person wouldn't tip, some others tipped less than 2.00. That's obscene...

That is absolutely obscene! I have worked in the service industry for many, many years. From casual dinning to high end and the bottom line is that I work for tips. People who work in the service industry step up to the plate (so to speak) to treat you kindly and make sure you have everything you need. So why on a cold winter day do people not tip their delivery people? I reached out to a number of friends and asked "How much do you tip a food delivery driver on a nasty weather day and here is what I read...

Michelle Penner-Wendell responded...I’ve been delivering for the past few months and some people don’t even tip! I did 7 orders the other day in the snow storm and had half with no tip. The base pay we get per order is around $3-4 dollars so the tip money is what we’re really counting on

Jennie Laird said... More than usual.

Debbie A Leggett posted... 20-25% same as any other time. 
I also never call out for food in bad weather. Who tf does that.
 Skyler Stone said...Oh 30% in that s*%#
Doug Elm said...At the very least 30%, they deserve it!
The bottom line is that you need to tip those who take care of you!

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