As we approach the holiday season, we know there are lots of families out there who are struggling. One woman in particular is a resident of Kalamazoo and worked in the hospital for 30 years before retiring, and has lived in Kalamazoo for 15 years. Recently, Sharron Oberg has been doing her best to stay positive, but being bed-ridden in a home with windows that let in a breeze, a bad leak, and a furnace that's broken, just before winter, is not a fun thing to face on your own.

Her Granddaughter, Brittany Oberg, is her primary caretaker and is doing everything she can to try and keep her Grandmother's spirits up. Against all the odds she's facing, she's started a Gofundme, and is asking anyone and everyone for any little amount they can spare in order to help her Grandmother stay warm this winter:

Hello, we are trying to raise money to get my grandmother's mobile home back in order. Her furnace that she just had installed two years ago quit working. There was no warranty on it and she is bed-ridden so it will be very cold if we don't get that fixed. We also have a leak in the hallway that needs to be fixed before it starts to get mold growing, and all of her windows leak air.

She goes on to explain that because of her Grandmother's physical condition, she also needs to get a ramp put in so she can get up and down with a wheelchair. There's quite a few repairs her home needs and Brittany is asking anyone able to help to visit her Gofundme page to lend any assistance available.

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