Millions of Americans have started repaying their student loans recently after a three-year pandemic break. And data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the repayments are already causing a financial strain for over 40% of adults. So Dominos has decided to help bring some much-needed relief with free pizza.

Free pizza from Dominos

The Ann Arbor based pizza chain is giving away free pizzas to those in Michigan and across the nation who are eligible. Kate Trumbull, Domino’s chief brand officer, said in a statement 'When life gives you loans, Domino's gives you free pizza'. Domino's currently has an Emergency Pizzas Initiative in place, which gives customers free pizza with a qualifying online order. The pizza chain is giving away a limited number of free Emergency pizzas per day for those repaying student loans.

How to apply

Anyone with student loan debt can apply for the free pizza. Domino's will provide Emergency Pizza for Student Loans codes everyday until the $1 million dollars worth of free pizza codes has been claimed. To get a free pizza, you have to apply online. If codes are available, you'll be able to add your email where you'll receive your code. You'll be able to use your code on your next online carryout or delivery order in the next 30 days.

According to Restaurant Business, the company is also hoping this will help rebuild sales after the pandemic. The company has seen a decline in sales due to issues such as driver shortages and changes in consumer demands.

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