It's been nearly 10 years since the world lost "The King Of Pop," and today would have been Michael Jackson's 60th birthday. The day of his passing is something I'll never forget. I remember how sick I felt when I found out he died. Michael Jackson was my first inspiration to becoming a singer. I remember discovering "Thriller" on vinyl and being obsessed with the album for a long time. It was later I discovered his entire catalog.

I've always looked up to the man's style, mindset, and passion as a vocalist and entertainer. As much as people like to be opinionated, nobody but his true, blood friends knew who he was as a person. But I'll always cherish what he did for me personally, and professionally as a singer and an entertainer. Here are my Top 10 MJ songs of all time:

10. Heal The World

9. In The Closet

8. Say, Say, Say (w/ Paul McCartney)

7. They Don't Really Care About Us

6. Off The Wall 

5. Thriller

 4. Speed Demon

 3. Billie Jean

 2. Leave Me Alone

1. Baby Be Mine


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